• Han Tai new materials company back from PTC 2018

    Han Tai new materials co.,ltd took part in PTC 2018---The Pacific Telecommunications Council held from 6th.Nov. 2018-9th.Nov.2018 at Shanghai city. Han Tai thermal insulation and fire proof products especially Fire sleeve is the outstanding choice for protecting hydraulic hoses from the hazard heat and metal splash. Han Tai new materials company is great partner for ONE-STOP solutions for high tem...
  • Glass fiber products are widely used in the future market

    Fire sleeve manufacturer,HanTai give you more information of Glass fiber products! One, glass fiber products with excellent performance, wide range of uses Glass fiber products have become the building, transportation, electronics, electrical, chemical, metallurgy, sports, environmental protection, military defense and other areas of essential raw materials. In 70% ~ 75% for the preparation o...
  • Different kinds of Fiberglass Sleeve

    Fiberglass Sleeve, Alias: firesleeve, high temperature firesleeve.High temperature firesleeve is made of braided e-grade glass fiber sleeve with silicone rubber coating. Good thermal insulation and fire proof performance make firesleeve reduce heat energy losses and protect employees from burning effectively.High temperature fire sleeve has advanced three combinations: wear – retardant, thermal in...
  • Glass fiber and composite materials

    As the field of industrial textiles focus branch, glass fiber and composite material with its excellent performance and relatively low cost of a new energy sector, the construction sector, transport, power engineering, marine engineering and environmental projects in areas such as market development It focuses. Now, with the advent of “big data” era, the glass fiber composites have gradually enter...
  • 1000 degree of high silica sleeve

    Product performance: High silica sleeve made of imported high silica fiber spinning, SiO2 content of up to 98%, can be of high tolerance of 1000 degrees, and has the advantages of high strength, high modulus, fireproof and heat insulation, can effectively protect the high temperature environment of the hose and cable. Application: 1) completely separate from splashing and flame. 2) the strength an...
  • Application of sleeves in automobiles

    The high temperature sleeves has many applications in daily life, such as transportation or some high temperature industries, and its scope of application is mainly determined by its characteristics The high temperature fireproof sleeves has the advantages of insulation, high temperature resistance, etc., and its application in these fields is beyond that of other ordinary casing materials. This p...

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