It is halfway through year 2020, but COVID-19 crisis still persists. Every industry is affected by the pandemic to varying degrees. International shipping is one of the most affected industries in current situation.

In the past few months, we, Hantai, has experienced the situation of soaring air freight cost, difficult to book air shipping space, longer delivery time, etc., when we shipped our fire sleeve, textile sleeve, fiberglass braided sleeve and other thermal insulation products to our customers worldwide. Although we did all our best to arrange the shipment with timely delivery and favorable freight cost, sometimes it was difficult to achieve.

Anhui Ningguo Hantai New Materials Limited Company

Anhui Ningguo Hantai New Materials Limited Company

Anhui Ningguo Hantai New Materials Limited Company

Anhui Ningguo Hantai New Materials Limited Company

Anhui Ningguo Hantai New Materials Limited Company

With the declining demand of personal protective equipment worldwide, the air freight cost is going down step by step, but the express rates are still going up recently. Due to the quarantine policy and shortage of air cargo capacity, we forecast the high air freight cost and longer delivery time will not go back to normal in a short time.

Anhui Ningguo Hantai New Materials Limited Company

Although the sea shipping situation is relatively more stable than air shipping, sea shipping also faces the problems of canceled voyages and increasing freight cost.

According to the news, a total of 167 voyages of Asia-North America/Europe are stopped in May and June.

MAERSK has announced a peak season surcharge (PSS) on all dry container shipments from all ports in southern and eastern India to northern and southern European countries from May 29, 2020.

Hapag Lloyd increase rates for all cargo and all types of containers from East Asia to the East Coast of South America from May 15, 2020, charging $600 per container.

During the pandemic, China Railway Express freight train turns out to be relatively stable and safe. According to XINHUANET News, in April, China Railway Express freight trains just experienced the busiest month in history. Some cargo volumes are switched to this shipping way. It is another option for shipment to Europe.

Hot Products
  • High Silica Coated Glass Fiber Fabric

    Silica Fiber Fabric

    HANTAI Silica Fabric is made of high performance fiberglass fabric impregnated with suspension emulsion.

  • Continuous Filament Braided Basalt Fiber Sleeves

    Basalt Fiber Braided Sleeve

    Basalt Fiber Braided Sleeve is a highly conformable sleeve which provides excellent thermal protection for engine and generator exhaust piping for automobiles, marine engines and generators, bus, construction and mining equipment.

  • Nylon Abrasion Resist Cable Protective Sleeving

    Nylon Sleeve

    HANTAI abrasion resistant Nylon sleeve protects hoses, lines, cables and wires from harsh environment and protect employees from hydraulic hose oil leakage or spill.

  • Customer Design Band Heater Insulation Jacket

    Hantai High Temperature Heat Insulation Jacket For Thermal Insulation

    Plastic bag and carton box for customer design band heater insulation jacket factory

  • Silicone Rubber Coated Fiberglass Fabric used as electrial insulating material

    Silicone Coated Fiberglass Fabric

    Silicone Rubber Fiberglass Fabric is designed to shed molten splash, heavy weld spatter and occasional flame.

  • Heat Resistant Waterproof Self-adhesive Silicon Rubber Fusion Tape

    Silicone Rubber Self-Fusing Tape

    Silicone Rubber Tape Self-Adhesive is fit for joins of the ends of cables no more than 10KV and the tie-in seal to communication cables

  • Fire sleeve wholesale

    Firesleeve, Priority

    Industrial grade fire sleeve; Resistant to high temperature, heat, flame, fire & molten splashes.

  • Fire sleeve wholesale

    Firesleeve, Standard

    Braided fire sleeve Resistant to high temperature, heat, flame, fire & molten splashes.


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