Glass fiber and composite materials 2018-06-29 16:29:49

As the field of industrial textiles focus branch, glass fiber and composite material with its excellent performance and relatively low cost of a new energy sector, the construction sector, transport, power engineering, marine engineering and environmental projects in areas such as market development It focuses. Now, with the advent of “big data” era, the glass fiber composites have gradually entered the field of communications, has become the communication industry “darling.” British telecom giant KC Hull City company official said glass fiber and composite materials into the steel raw materials make up 70% of the defect, but also brought unforeseen development space for the communications industry, will set off in the era of Big Data a “communications revolution.”

Anhui Hantai company(Glass fiber products supplier) has a wealth of experience in the field of fire glass sleeve, fire glass sleeve casing launch. Fiberglass sleeving is woven E-glass fiber yarn tube sets, then after high temperature treatment, coated with a silicone resin, a silicone rubber which is made of glass fiber casing itself has high electrical insulation, heat resistance, corrosion resistance, aging resistance and have excellent heat dissipation characteristics, but also because of its excellent softness and elasticity, and therefore able to maintain a low temperature of minus 50 ℃ softness resistance twists and turns, does not detract from its electrical insulation.

Optical fiber made from the fiber optic cable is the future trend of development, and the optical fiber material is highly transparent glass fibers. Made of fiberglass optical fiber utilizes total reflection effect of light, wrapped in refractive index is much smaller than its outer layer purses. Thus, the light entering the core wire can only occur along the glass fibers at the interface between the core wire and the outer bag layer is totally reflected and snakes, not through the interface, if the outer bag layer is tightly enclosed within the core. Compared to the previous ordinary cable, fiber optic cable has outstanding advantages. It’s a staggering amount of information, the thickness of the hair fiber can pass tens of thousands of telephone channels or 2000 circuit television. Fiber optic cable with a laser as a carrier, without external electromagnetic interference, high stability and confidentiality. In addition, low loss fiber optic cable, cable traffic every few kilometers we must set up a relay station, and fiber-optic cable can be continuously transmitted from 30 to 70 kilometers, and therefore has a unique advantage in long-distance transmission of information.

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