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Firesleeve, Priority

Industrial grade fire sleeve;

Resistant to high temperature, heat, flame, fire & molten splashes.

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HANTAI® Firesleeve Priority Grade is made of knitted bulk E-glass fiber yarns in a flexible substrate and then coated with upgrade silicone rubber, delivering better thermal insulation performance than HANTAI's standard firesleeve.

HANTAI® priority firesleeve is designed to protect hoses, wires and cables from the hazards of high heat and occasional flame. Resistant to hydraulic fluids, lubricating oils, and fuels, this firesleeve insulates against energy loss in piping and hosing, protects employees from burns and allows “bundling” of wires, hoses, and cables. The thick formulation of silicone rubber sheds molten splash, slag, welding splatter, electrical or grinding sparks and contamination. It also provides protection from ozone, UV and abrasion.


 HANTAI PART NO#   HT11S-**P (** refers to the inner diameter=ID)
 MATERIALS  E-glass fiber, Silicone Rubber Coating
 CONSTRUCTIO  Texturized and knitted
 SIZE RANGE  3/8” (10mm) - 2” (50mm)
 WORKING TEMPERATURE  Continuous working at 500°F (260°C), peaks at 3000°F (1650°C)
 COLOR OPTIONS  Standard: Iron Oxide Red; Others: Blue, Black, Yellow, Grey, etc. on request
 ROLL LENGTH  20 meters / roll
 AVAILABLE OPTIONS  Special bulk packaging (maximize productivity/minimize waste)
 Pre-cut short length
 Custom printing
 TYPICAL INDUSTRIES  Hose Fabrication, Oil & Gas, OEM, Locomotive, Metals

Item No. Description Hantai Part No.
Specs (mm)
Roll length (m)
1 Firesleeve, Priority HT11S-08P Φ8 20
2 Firesleeve, Priority HT11S-10P Φ10 20
3 Firesleeve, Priority HT11S-13P Φ13 20
4 Firesleeve, Priority HT11S-15P Φ15 20
5 Firesleeve, Priority HT11S-20P Φ20 20
6 Firesleeve, Priority HT11S-25P Φ25 20
7 Firesleeve, Priority HT11S-30P Φ30 20
8 Firesleeve, Priority HT11S-32P Φ32 20
9 Firesleeve, Priority HT11S-35P Φ35 20
10 Firesleeve, Priority HT11S-38P Φ38 20
11 Firesleeve, Priority HT11S-40P Φ40 20
12 Firesleeve, Priority HT11S-45P Φ45 20
13 Firesleeve, Priority HT11S-50P Φ50 20

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