EN45545-2 A Safety Proof For Fire sleeve 2020-03-24 17:25:56

As you know, most materials may release harmful gas or toxicity against high temperature. Fire sleeve is very typical to work for high temperature application. So, before we decide to buy firesleeve, is it better if we can tell whichever offers a safe one?

Before we go deeper for this question, I would like to introduce a certification first. We all know that European Union is leading in setting regulations and standards to protect the mankind. EN45545-2 is one of the many EU Safety Standards. What is it about?

Generally speaking, EN45545-2 is a requirement for fire behavior of materials and components of railway vehicles. It’s a proof to verify the materials used in railway vehicles are qualified or not in order to better protect passengers and staff against onboard fire incidents. You know a fire incident in the railway vehicle could be more complicated than that in a house, considering its crowded and limited space and exits.

However, in my opinion, EN45545-2 is not just a certification for railway vehicles. It contains several common requirements on the safety issue. Let’s have a closer look at the EN45545-2 details. There are major 3 tests, the Oxygen index, Smoke density testing and Toxicity testing. You can find the related norms and the test result of Hantai fire sleeve in the following chart.

*From HL1 to HL3, it stands for the increasing safety requirement against fire hazards. HL3 is the highest level with the most demanding requirement.

The Oxygen Index reflects how much resistance the fire sleeve is about to burn. fire sleeveThe bigger the Oxygen index is, the safer the firesleeve is. Hantai fire sleeve was measured at 41.80, which is a more qualified number than the standard request.

During the test, the Smoke density is tested under heat flux 25kW/m2 with pilot flame (Core temperature about 752°F ~1112°F (400°C ~600°C)), while the Toxicity test is conducted in a tubular furnace with temperature up to 1112°F (600°C). Then it inspects the smoke density and content of 8 Toxicity gases (CO2, CO, HF, HCI, HBr, HCN, NO2, SO2) that the fire sleeve releases. The smaller number of the Smoke Density and Toxicity is, the safer the firesleeve is.

Well, we can see that Hantai firesleeve plays not bad in the testing. An All Pass! However, a safe product does not really come from a certification. A safe product is always from someone reliable and full of responsibility for human health and property safety. I’m proud to say that Hantai was, is and will be on the way to perform responsible and proficient! Before you decide to buy firesleeve, remember Hantai provides with a safe product! Thank you!

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