Benefits from Production Capacity Growth 2019-10-20 19:50:54

As a smart buyer, you always need to know your suppliers, but what aspects count when weighing the  suppliers?

Among all factors, the supplier’s production capacity always comes as one of the priorities. Why?

Cause it presents the financial strength for secure trade, reliable and consistent quality, timely delivery, and competitive price. etc.

Today, we will elaborate on HANTAI, the leading manufacturer for Thermal Insulation Sleeving in China, to see how its capacity has been growing during the past 10 years.

HANTAI, after the first 5 years’ effort and development, accomplished its first expansion with 2 new workshops of 2400 m2 in 2014 at the Heli Industrial Zone. And then another 2 workshops were built in 2016, doubling its sizes to 4800 m2. The 5th workshop is going to be finished in 2020, marking the completement on 8400 m2 of workshop area.

Here we cite HANTAI’s main products, Firesleeve (also called pyrojacket), for example, you will see continuous growth of production capacity from the past 3 years to the next year.

Year 2016: 10 production lines, 750,000 Meters

Year 2019: 15 production lines, 1,500,000 Meters

Year 2020: 16 production lines, 2,000,000 Meters

New reform on production processing structure for fire sleeving

Then what benefits can be delivered to HANTAI’s buyers to the greatest concern?

With the above capacity run successfully, the production cost for fire sleeve will be lowered down by the end of 2020. That will offset the increase of material cost and labor cost in the coming future and guarantee stable or even better price for fire sleeve with always consistent quality, which eventually will bring great advantages to HANTAI’s buyers in the more furious competition.

HANTAI is on the right track of rapid growth and development, we hope to join hands with you together for the coming prosperous future.

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