With more than three months’ hard fifight under joint efforts of both people and government, the COVID-19 risk in China has fallen to a low level, although additional precautions in line with government’s recommendations are still taken to ensure our personal safety.

All walks of life have worked orderly as normal since April in China. However, there was a tough time at the beginning of the gradual work resumption. Clients needed goods supply, yet factories were running well below capacity or even stopped production.

fire sleeve, pyrojacket, firesleeve with inner treatment

Fiberglass Sleeve, silica fiber sleeve, nylon sleeve

Thanks to our suffificient stock and effificient warehouse management, Hantai always offers timely deliveries of regular fire sleeveproducts to our clients, even when there was a supply shortage from most of factories, which we must admit had brought us even more business.

Timely supply is one of Hantai’s key attentive services and it will never change. We are confifident that Hantai can be your reliable partners regardless of routine or urgent circumstances. Now due to COVID-19 pandemic worldwide, business pauses, and consumption is hit. It is hard, but it will pass. We should remain positively confifident about the outlook for a sharp recovery in demand, and let’s stay well prepared for the chance behind this Black Swan!

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