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Anhui Ningguo Hantai New Materials Limited Company is a leading manufacturer of non-asbestos thermal insulation products against high temperature, frames and molten metal splash. Since establishment in 2009, Hantai has completed its 2nd expansion with 4 workshops and 15 production lines, covering a production area of about 4800m2. All our products are produced strictly according to IATF 16949:2016, which guarantees perfect protection for hoses, wires, tubes/pipes, and cables, etc.   We never stop our effort on R &D. The Hantai Lab, led by Dr. Yang graduated from University of Nottingham, has complete equipments to conduct all kinds of necessary tests on our products. And we have been awarded with 3 patents for invention and 8 patents for utility models, pioneering in the fire sleeving industry in China.   With Firesleeve as our main products, Hantai develops series of thermal insulation products, including sleeve, tape, rope, felt & fabric in different kinds of materials, such as silicone rubber, fiberglass, basalt fiber, silica fiber, carbon fiber, ceramic fiber & nylon, etc., tackling problems against high temperature ranged from -260°C to +1650°C.   Hantai is your ideal one-stop shop for thermal insulation products to solve the high temperature problems that face our customers worldwide. Each product would be delivered with satisfying quality and competitive price.

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  • Intelligent robot industry
    Intelligent robot industry
    High temperature fire sleeves provide wire harness protection on the arm of an intelligent robot arm.
  • Metallurgical field
    Metallurgical field
    High temperature fire sleeves can provide high temperature equipment protection in metallurgical industry.
  • Glass manufacturing industry
    Glass manufacturing industry
    Kevlar Knitted fire sleeves can be used to protect glass making equipment.
  • Power field
    Power field
    In modern power systems, large interconnected power grids may be disrupted completely, while power system relaying provides a complete power plant, Thus they can respond to these disturbances quickly,...
  • High and low temperature protection
    High and low temperature protection
    Hantai can provide protection of high and low temperature -200℃ -1650 ℃ solution
  • Aerospace
    High temperature fire sleeves with high and low temperature resistance, flame retardant, energy saving, ozone resistance, voltage resistance, arc resistance, radiation resistance and other excellent p...
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