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Anhui Ningguo Hantai New Materials Limited Company is a special technical factory in high-temperature protection materials field. It is located in the beautiful foot of Huangshan Mountain Ningguo city, Anhui province, China. Our main products are designed for high temperature protecting,fireproof,abrasion resistant and insulation(such as fire sleeve,fire blanket,fire tape,fiberglass sleevings,nylon fabric sleeve...ect.). Specifically provide qualified products for the automotive,shipbuilding,metallurgy, electronics,petrochemical, defense, scientific research fields.  At present,We have more than 50 employees and advanced testing equipment and professional technicians,more than 10 production lines.We keep paying attention to do the related development and production work. From a technical processes to formulas and production, they are all strictly controlled by our skilled operators.In order to win an invincible position during the period of development of market economy, all employees and technical personnel adhere to vigorously develop new products .   Now, we already have many non-asbestos products, and silicone rubber products (such as cloth, tape , tube) , fiberglass products (fire cloth, fire tape, fire sleeves) and other products. Our products be welcomed by our customers from domestic and overseas, looking forward to your kind guidance and visiting in the near future! 

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  • Intelligent robot industry
    Intelligent robot industry
    High temperature fire sleeves provide wire harness protection on the arm of an intelligent robot arm.
  • Metallurgical field
    Metallurgical field
    High temperature fire sleeves can provide high temperature equipment protection in metallurgical industry.
  • Glass manufacturing industry
    Glass manufacturing industry
    Kevlar Knitted fire sleeves can be used to protect glass making equipment.
  • Power field
    Power field
    In modern power systems, large interconnected power grids may be disrupted completely, while power system relaying provides a complete power plant, Thus they can respond to these disturbances quickly,...
  • High and low temperature protection
    High and low temperature protection
    Hantai can provide protection of high and low temperature -200℃ -1650 ℃ solution
  • Aerospace
    High temperature fire sleeves with high and low temperature resistance, flame retardant, energy saving, ozone resistance, voltage resistance, arc resistance, radiation resistance and other excellent p...
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