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fire sleeve

fire sleeve





















Turbo Blanket isolate the heat produced by your turbocharger with the purpose of reducing turbo lag, cooler air intake temperatures, protecting and prolonging engine components, and giving a boost in horsepower.In keeping the heat of the exhaust gases contained within the hot side of the turbocharger and away from the cool side of the turbocharger and the intake path, more oxygen per unit volume reaches the engine, and thus, more power.

make different materials turbo blankets, silicone fiberglass turbo blanket, aluminum fiberglass turbo blanket, titanium silica turbo blanket, double titanium turbo blanket. We also can make customs materials.

Turbo blanket color: black, blue, red, pink, yellow, gray, aluminum silver, titanium, purple. Customs color is available.

fire sleeve

fire sleeve




Exterior Surface:
Direct Contact Limit: 600 Deg F / 316 Deg C
Radiant Heat Limit: 1100 Deg F / 593 Deg

fire sleeve

fire sleeve




urbo blanket size: T1, T2, T25/T28, T3, T4, T3/T4, T6, Subaru, FIAT, K04, Porsche, BMW, DART, Genesis, FP30. Customs size is available.

Customs LOGO is avabale, embroidery LOGO, aluminum or stailness steel tag LOGO, sewing lable LOGO.






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