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Silicone Rubber Tape Self-Adhesive



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Product Description


HANTAI Silicone Rubber Tape Self-Adhesive is made of high temperature compression silicone rubber.

HANTAI Silicone Rubber Tape Self-Adhesive no adhesive, it is self bonding and self-curing. Provide a water proof / gas tight end to the installation of Sleeve over hoses and cables.

It’continuous working temperature at 260°C.Withstand molten splash at 1200°C for periods up to 15 minutes and short exposure up to 1650°C.


Size/Width 25mm,50mm ,100mm
Colour Red,black,others accept customize
Working temperature Continues working at 260°C
Character High tempt. & flame resistant,electric insulation,anti-aging,avoiding splashing of high tempt.fluid and dust,water and oil proof,resistant to weak acid and weak alkali.




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