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  • High Silica Fiber Fabric
  • High Silica Fiber Fabric

Silica Fabric



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Product Description


HANTAI Silica Fabric /high silica fabric is constructed from a 96% pure SiO2 silica fiber ─ a health-conscious alternative to asbestos and ceramic textiles.

It’s good chemical stability,good dielectric properties and extreme high temperature resistant characters can be widely used as thermal insulation materials and Fireproof materials.SiO2 content: ≥96% Melting point: closed to 1700℃

Working Temperature: suitable for using at 1000℃,and able to withstand short term exposure up to 1650℃.



SiO2 content ≥96%
Working temperature Continuous use at 1000°C,short term exposure up to 1650°C.
Character Low thermal conductivity,good chemical stability;Good electrical insulating,low thermal shrinkage,pro-environment;Good acid and alkali corrosion resistance, excellent fireproof property,avoiding splashing of the molten iron and electric spark.