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Quartz Sleeve



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Product Description


HANTAI  Quartz sleeve is braided by Quartz fiber, SiO2≥99.9%. It has outstanding high temperature resistant and outstanding electrical insulation properties. Its dielectric constant and dielectric loss factor is the best of all Mineral fiber.Working temperature: Continues working at 1050℃.

HANTAI  Quartz  sleeve is widely used in aerospace, military industry, semiconductor, oil chemical industry, building construction, electrical and electronic as thermal insulation and high temperature filtration material.



Size/inner diameter 0.5mm-70mm
 Material Sio2
Colour White
Working temperature 1050℃
Character Smooth, soft, Extreme high temp & Flame resistant, High insulation, Low friction coefficient ,Chemical resistant,Avoiding splashing of the molten iron and electric spark.



Quartz Fiber Sleeve