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  • Microporous Insulation Blanket

Microporous insulation blanket



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Product Description


HANTAI aerogel insulation blanket which silica aerogel is composite with fibers is for high temperature application. Perfect for the insulation in pipes, tanks, vessels and other applications,HAN TAI aerogel Blanket Series is the ideal option for those in need of better insulation performance and lower energy consumption.

Aerogel is the lowest thermal conductive of any present-recognized solid, 2~5 times better than traditional insulation products with longer service life. Hydrophobic and Fireproof .With this super nano-granule, HANTAI Microporous insulating blanket is a flexible, environmental-friendly, easy-handled insulation material which makes it the leading product in the industry. 



Specification 3mm*1500mm*35mm,6mm*1500mm*34mm,10mm*1500mm*25mm
Working temperature 650℃
Normal density 200 ± 20kg/m3
Thermal Conductivity 0.020w/m·k (25℃)
Hydrophobicity Wholly hydrophobic