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  • High Silica Fiber Sleeve
  • High Silica Fiber Sleeve

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Product Description


HANTAI Silica  Sleeve is braided by silica fiber, SiO2 content ≥96%, widely used in aerospace (gas turbine and rocket engines), metallurgical, nuclear power, electricity generation, petrochemical industries as the thermal protection material. For example, tube seals, high temperature gaskets, turbine exhaust pipe cover, boilers thermal insulation cover, thermocouple wire thermal insulation cover. It is excellent alternative to asbestos and ceramic based textiles.


Size/inner diameter 5mm-120mm
Color White
SiO2 content ≥96%
Working temperature Continuous use at  1000°C, short term exposure up to 1650°C.
Characters Smooth, soft, extreme high temp& flame resistant, high insulation, low friction coefficient ,chemical resistant,avoiding splashing of the molten iron and electric spark.