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Heat Insulation Jacket


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Product Description

fire sleeve

Hantai high temperature insulation cover is made of high silica cloth, cotton insulation, silica gel cloth woven composite material, with excellent thermal insulating properties, can be customized according to customer demand.

Product adaptability: (compared with the traditional heat preservation has obvious advantages)

1. can be repeated several times (traditional heat preservation can only be used once)

2.suitable for different shapes of pipes and equipment, especially for “special-shaped pieces” have more advantages (because traditional heat preservation is “hard material” processing, not easy to bend deformation)

3.a wide range of space adaptation, in a small space can also use this heat shield (traditional heat preservation of narrow space may sometimes can not do)

4.,environmental adaptability: for some “corrosive” environment, more advantages than traditional heat preservation. (because the traditional heat preservation is made of aluminum or iron sheet, which is not corrosion resistant)

5.suitable for different temperature range, can be at -70-600 degrees centigrade.


fire sleeve

performance index

1. high temperature resistant, high temperature 600-280 degrees, low temperature resistance 70 degrees

A) cold retention type

B) low temperature type (using temperature below 300)

C) medium temperature (use temperature above 300—600)

D) high temperature type (using temperature above 600 degrees).

2., flame retardant non flammable (fire a, GB8624-2006, German standard DIN4102, A1 class)

3. density: 110-220Kg/m3

4. thickness: 10-150MM

5. moisture absorption: <5%

fire sleeve





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