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Basalt Tape



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Product Description


HANTAI Basalt  Tape is braided by basalt fiber which has outstanding property of electric insulation, high temperature resistance, chemical-corrosion resistance , excellent tenacity that make it to be the best insulating and protecting solution in extreme working environment.

HANTAI Basalt  Tape widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, auto industry, train, vessel and aviation for protecting hoses, oil tubes, fluid transportation pipes, exhaust pipes, cables and industrial hoses from high temperature and fire accident.


Size/Width 25mm,50mm ,75mm,100mm
Colour Brown
Working temperature Continues working at 700℃
Character High tempt. & flame resistant,electric insulation,anti-aging,avoiding splashing of high tempt. fluid and dust ,resistant to weak acid and weak alkali.


Basalt Fiber Tape