Petrochemical Industry 2018-05-09 14:55:33

Fire resistant high temperature sleeving is made of high expansion glass fiber or special E-glass fiber woven sleeving, covered with a thick iron oxide red / blue silica gel, which prevents melting
Iron is not damaged by high temperature and flame, and has the properties of flame retardance, heat insulation, heat preservation, electricity resistance and softness. These characteristics make it suitable for hose protection in harsh environment,
Cables and pipes. Can be continuously exposed to 260 degrees of high temperature without damage, can withstand 1000 degrees of high temperature, 1000 degrees of destructive test can last for half an hour, half an hour later
The outside coating began to be carbonized and the glass fibers were intact.
The utility model can be applied to protect pipelines under various abominable environments, such as petroleum chemical industry, etc..

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