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Nylon Sleeving – This type of sleeving is often used on

In life there are many types of sleeve,Nylon Sleeve is one of it ,often used .Then we know how much about the Nylon Sleeve?See below with this problem:

This type of sleeving is often used on hoses inside the equipment or in places where abrasion may occur. The textile sleeving offers excellent wear resistance and can help reduce the amount of oil spillage.
While these sleeve covers may protect a hydraulic hose from abrasion and cuts, they typically offer little or no protection from hose bursts and pinhole leaks. Before determining the solution, engineers should make sure they understand the problem.
Excessive pressure surges, flexing, kinking crushing or exceeding the minimum bend radius may cause a burst away from the hose ends. Pressure surges that exceed the hose’s maximum operating pressure rating may result in reinforcement failure. Excessive flexing, kinking and crushing can cause reinforcement fatigue and eventual failure. Bending the hose tighter than recommended will place excessive stress on the reinforcement,could open large gaps between strands of reinforcement and will severely reduce the hose’s ability to withstand pressure.
A pinhole leak in a hydraulic hose that is under pressure can release toxic fluid at more than 600 feet per second – close to the muzzle velocity of a gun. Although it is the hose’s high-tensile wire-reinforcement structure that bears the brunt of the pressure, the inner tube itself has to bridge the gaps in the braid, formed when the hose is bent and stressed. If the compound is not strong enough (tensile at break not high enough) it will be blown through the gaps in the braid, which can cause a scissoring effect and cut a hole in the tube, resulting in a pinhole leak. The very fine jet of hydraulic fluid at high pressure will act like a hypodermic needle that may penetrate both protective clothing and skin.
To protect operators of hydraulic equipment from catastrophic hydraulic hose bursts or pinhole leaks, several hose manufacturers have developed their own versions of a safe “line-of-sight” nylon sleeving.
Nylon Hose Sleeve is the product of Anhui Ningguo Hantai New Materials Limited Company,it is one of the Nylon Fabric Sleeve and has many features are as follows:
Protection of individual hoses from severe abrasion. Provides a cost effective method of bundling hoses together,while providing abrasion resistance to the bundle.
1.Type:Nylon Hose
2.Material: Nylon yarn
3.Apply:Friction resistance, anti-aging
4.Thickness: 1.2mm
5.Inner Dia.:17mm-100mm
6.Working Tempt.: – 40ºF / +212ºF (– 40ºC / +100ºC)


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