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Kiln temperature insulation coating high performance and wide application

In building materials, metallurgy, chemical industry, environmental protection, medicine and many other production industries, widely used for solid materials kiln equipment mechanical, physical or chemical treatment, such devices are called rotary kiln. Rotary kiln shell is generally divided into horizontal position (slight slope), and can be called a rotary movement of the rotary kiln, also known as rotary kiln; the other kiln shell is called a vertical position without rotating kiln. The main device is a rotary kiln kiln shells, kiln shell it is kiln (kiln) of the body, the kiln shell plate thickness of about 40mm, the kiln shell temperature should reach around 1,000 degrees Celsius, the high temperature to reach 1600 ℃, so the kiln shell insulation to prevent heat loss becomes the key rotary kiln. The traditional kiln shell for better insulation, interior lined with a layer of about 200mm silicon carbide bricks or tiles, such as kiln shell weight ratio, kiln shell in operation, because of the relationship between temperature and load of the kiln shell will There elliptical type of deformation, which would put pressure on brick kilns, affecting the life of the brick kiln. Use Ningguo Han Tai Wei Hua kiln heat insulation coating to make life doubled, greatly extending the kiln use of time, increased industrial production time, saving energy and time, to bring incalculable economic benefits. Technology-driven research and development, use of new materials, business efficiency reflected. There is a good calcining kiln insulation materials, high temperature thermal insulation coatings, model ZS-1, the Ningguo Han Tai exclusive research and development production, with exclusive patented technology, the coating is an aqueous inorganic coatings, high temperature solution Ningguo Han Tai Wei Hua and choose a selection of special nano-ceramic hollow beads, silica fiber and other inorganic materials from finishing, using special high-temperature solution Ningguo Han Tai Wei Hua, the temperature range of 1800 ℃, the thermal conductivity of only 0.03W / mK, the proportion of small, light weight, can greatly reduce the weight of painted objects. ZS-1 high temperature resistant insulation coating can effectively inhibit and shield infrared radiant heat and heat conduction heat insulation efficiency of up to about 90% inhibition, can inhibit the body’s high temperature heat radiation and heat conduction loss of rotation kiln internal heat to maintain 70% is not lost, additional fire retardant paint, wear pressure, insulation fight wear, acid, light weight, easy construction, long service life, high performance coatings with excellent there wide application, good benefits.
The new kiln for better insulation, reducing kiln shell weight, reduce heat dissipation plate, but also to further protect the kiln shell plate, now brushing ZS-1 high-temperature thermal insulation coatings, paint kiln construction method is as follows:
1, the existing rotary kiln, the ZS-1 Ningguo Hantai high temperature insulation paint brush on the kiln shell metal shell, brushing only a few millimeters, can well reduce the kiln shell metal temperature, prevent heat loss, energy conservation, but also to better protect the kiln shell metal is not rusted air corrosion, the increased weight and less insulation material. Thai production of high Ningguo Hantai paint coating hardness, withstood some external shocks.
2, ZS-1 Ningguo Hantai heat insulation coating in the kiln shell painted metal wall, between the insulation bricks or silicon carbide bricks, thermal conductivity of the paint is the traditional low coefficient of thermal insulation hot times, Tu The thickness of the paint brush can reduce the thickness of the silicon carbide brick insulation brick or several times, greatly reducing the overall weight of the calcination kiln, and the density is high, it can better prevent contact corrosion gas kiln rotary kiln plate .
3, ZS-1 Ningguo Hantai high temperature insulation paint brush in watts or sump temperature calcining kiln temperature exceeds not exceed 45 ℃, to do high-temperature radiant heat tile or other parts of the oil pool prevent tile temperature or oil pool temperature is too high, the tiles or sump brushing ZS-1 Ningguo Hantai high temperature thermal insulation coatings, can be a good play to prevent high-temperature thermal influence on the tiles or sump.
Ningguo Hantai heat insulation coating in the kiln technically feasible, economical, environmental and social rationality and mitigation measures supporting parts, from energy production to all aspects of consumption, reduce consumption, reduce losses and pollutant emissions, stop waste, effective and rational use of energy, rotary kiln to achieve sound and rapid economic development, so that the calcination kiln double life, greatly extending the use of the effective time of the rotary kiln.

Kiln temperature insulation coating high performance and wide application

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