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Fire sleeve features and application

Fire sleeve features and applications are as follows:

1. Safety and environmental protection, protection of workers’ health
E-glass fiber itself has an exceptionally strong rally, will not wrinkle break resistance, curing, smoke halogen-free, non-toxic, non-flammable oxygen, good insulation properties, and then after curing silicone, but to strengthen its safety and environmental performance, effective protection worker health and reduce the incidence of occupational diseases. Unlike asbestos products such great harm to humans and the environment.

2. Superior high temperature performance
Fireproof silicone casing surface structure contains both “organic group”, also contain “inorganic structure”, this particular composition and molecular structure of organic matter that it set features and functionality in an inorganic substance. Compared with other polymer materials, the most prominent is the high temperature performance. Silicon – oxygen (Si-O) bond as the main chain structure, C-C bond energy of 82.6 kcal / mole, bond Si-O bond energy of 121 kcal / mole in the silicone, so Its high thermal stability, high temperature (or radiation) molecular bond is not broken, do not break down. Silicone is not only high temperature, but also low temperature, can be used over a wide temperature range. Whether it is physical or chemical properties and mechanical properties, changes in temperature are very small.

3. Anti-splash, multiple protection
In the smelting industry, medium temperature electric furnace are extremely easy to form a high-temperature sputtering (welding industry for that matter), after cooling and solidification of slag formation in the pipe or cable, pipe or cable will make the outer layer of rubber hardening and eventually brittle fracture. Further damage to unprotected devices and cables, through many silicone coated fire casing, can achieve multiple security, the highest temperature up to 1300 degrees Celsius, can effectively block the molten iron, molten copper, aluminum and other high-temperature melt melting The splashing around the cable and prevent equipment from being damaged.

4. Insulation, energy saving, radiation-resistant
In the high-temperature workshop, a lot of pipes, valves or equipment, its internal temperature is very high, if not coated with protective material, likely to cause burns or heat loss and other staff. Fire casing, better than other polymer materials having thermal stability and resistance to radiation and thermal insulation effect, to prevent accidents, reduce energy consumption, the heat pipe can be prevented media is transmitted directly to the surrounding environment leaving the workshop The temperature is too high, saving cooling costs.

5. Moisture, oil, anti-weathering, pollution, extend equipment life
Fire sleeve has a strong chemical stability, organic silicon to water, acid and other substances are not react within 260 ℃, long-term use without aging, life natural environment up to several decades, can be maximum protection of pipes, cables and equipment within these occasions, greatly extending its life.

6. Ozone resistance, voltage, arc resistance, corona resistance
Because the surface coated silicone, whose backbone -Si-O-, unparalleled key exists, it is not easy to be decomposed by ultraviolet light and ozone. Fire casing has good electrical insulation properties, dielectric loss, resistance, voltage, resistance, arc resistance, corona, volume resistivity and surface resistivity of the top in the insulating material etc., and their electrical properties are affected by temperature and frequency little effect. Thus, they are a stable electrically insulating material, are widely used in electronic, electrical industry.

7.Fire retardant, slows the fire occurrence and spread
If the pipeline transportation of flammable or toxic media media easily cause a fire or casualties leak; cables are often due to local high temperature combustion occurs; fire casing using very high-temperature glass fiber woven surface silica added appropriate flame retardant and other special materials, so that it has excellent flame retardancy. Even if a fire occurs, can prevent the spread of fire, and still protect the internal pipeline intact for a long time, to rescue important information data, information and provide sufficient time possible.

8. Install easy to use
When installing hot fire casing, without disabling the device does not need to disassemble the hoses and cables. Another advantage is that on-site installation at the factory to ensure the integrity and proper adaptation structure.


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