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Application of sleeves in automobiles

Application of sleeves in automobiles

The high temperature sleeves has many applications in daily life, such as transportation or some high temperature industries, and its scope of application is mainly determined by its characteristics

The high temperature fireproof sleeves has the advantages of insulation, high temperature resistance, etc., and its application in these fields is beyond that of other ordinary casing materials.

This paper gives a brief introduction of which casing can be used in automobile field at present.

1、Fire Sleeve

HANTAI High Temperature Fire sleeve /heat resistant sleeves/pyrojacket is made of braided e-grade glass fiber sleeve with silicone rubber coating, which designed as a kind of heavy duty jacket to protect different kinds of hoses, wires and cables from the hazards of high heat and occasional flame.Sheds molten metal splash in steel plants, glass plants, foundries, cutting and welding shops.Good thermal insulation and fire proof performance make HANTAI Firesleeve reduce heat energy losses and protect employees from burning effectively.


2、Aluminum Foil Fiberglass Sleeve

HANTAI Aluminium foil Fiberglass Sleeve is made of glass fiber and aluminium foil.It has outstanding reflectivity to the heat and ray.

Protects from radiant heat by reflecting 90% of the heat that contacts its surface.The aluminum layers will not delaminate from the glassfiber,even under the most extreme heat conditions.Excellent rediant heat reflection provides good protections to the hoses,cables,wires and such kind of pipelines,which are working under high heat conditions;Low heat conductivity to keep the underlying pipelines cool. It is widely used as an excellent automotive under-the-hood protection.



3、Nylon Sleeve

HANTAI  Nylon sleeve /nylon braided sleeve woven by PA66- high tenacity multi-filament Nylon yarn,good abrasion resistant,explosion-proof and anti-aging, provide well protection to hoses, cables and wires.Typical market applications include hydraulic hose protection, hose bundling, cable and wire harness management in the heavy equipment and automotive industries.Fluid resistance – very good resistance to most oils, gas, alcohols Remark: Other colour can be customized. Nylon sleeve with Velcro can be customized.



4、Basalt Fiber Sleeve

HANTAI Basalt  Fiber  Sleeve is braided by high quality basalt yarns, it has outstanding property of electric insulation, high temperature resistance, chemical-corrosion resistance, excellent tenacity, it is the best insulation and protecting solution in extreme  working environment.

HANTAI Basalt fiber sleeve widely used in Metallurgy, Chemical industry, Auto industry, Vessel and aviation to protect hoses (hydraulic), oil tubes, fluid transportation pipings, exhaust pipes, cables from high temperature and fire accident.



5、KPA flexible sleeve

The KPA flexible bellows hose made of kraft paper and aluminum foil polyester film, three layers of materials, mainly used for conveying high temperature and high humidity of gas, small heat loss. available
A combustion supporting air duct and a heating air pipe are arranged on the heater.



6、Plastic sleeve

Plastic sleeve provide anti shock, anti friction and compression protection for automobile air conditioner, refrigerant tube, automobile wire harness, etc., and can also be used in mechanical manufacture, electrical insulation protection and lighting
Equipment, automobile manufacturing, Metro, train, automatic control and other industries.



7、Aluminium foil sleeve

Insulated aluminum foil sleeve are formed by winding aluminum foil and glass fiber cloth, providing insulation, ventilation, heat preservation, transportation and cable harness protection for the automobile system.

8、Anti friction sheath

It is made of wear-resistant monofilament woven for the environment where the car is rubbing more, and it covers the hose and wire harness to prevent grinding and protect



9、Buckle braided sleeving

It is made of polyester single layer net and adhesive tape suture. Wiring harness and protection of automobile and power line are widely used.



10、Glass fiber sleeve

Provide insulation protection for high temperature, high voltage environment (such as engine, generator, transformer, electric heating equipment, lighting, etc.).



11、Thermal insulation material

t is widely used in automobile industry, such as sound absorption, shock absorption, heat insulation, flame retardance and so on


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