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Hot Products
  • Good Reputation Firesleeve For Smelter Cable Protect Own Factory

    High Temperature Fire Sleeve

    HANTAI firesleeve protects hoses, lines, cables and wires. Protect employees. Reduce energy losses.

  • Resistant Braided Silica Sleeve

    Braided Silica Sleeve

    HANTAI Silica Sleeve protect high temperature exhausts,pipes,hoses... Protect personnel from high heat,Cut energy losses

  • Satellite Radar Cover Materials Quartz Sleeve

    High Purity Quartz Fiber Sleeve

    Protect Glass roller,help reducing the defects occurring during glass transportation.

  • Hot Sale Basalt Fiber Braided Tape

    HANTAI Basalt Fiber Braided Tape

    HANTAI Basalt Tape is braided by basalt fiber which has outstanding property of electric insulationIt use s basalt yarn as raw material to braid into tape with thickness of 0.1mm

  • Heat Resistant Waterproof Self-adhesive Silicon Rubber Fusion Tape

    Silicon Rubber Tape Self-adhesive

    Silicone Rubber Tape Self-Adhesive is fit for joins of the ends of cables no more than 10KV and the tie-in seal to communication cables


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